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UUFLYME Lowest price challenge Outdoor Hiking Boots Mens Slip price Non Sh Lightweight

UUFLYME Outdoor Hiking Boots Mens Non Slip Lightweight Hiking Sh


UUFLYME Outdoor Hiking Boots Mens Non Slip Lightweight Hiking Sh

Product description

1.Upper Material: Leather amp; Suede
2.Sole Material: Rubber amp; EVA
3.Color: Black / Green / Grey
4.Close way: Lace Up with hardwearing solid round rope, high density jacquard webbing
5.Airtightness: That shoes are only slightly water resistent, not waterproof
6.Size: US 7-US 9.5 (The Following Size Chart)

Use Guide:
Below it maybe help you choose right size for boots.
Size Chart:
US 7 = FOOT LENGTH 9.84inch
US 7.5 = FOOT LENGTH 10.04inch
US 8 = FOOT LENGTH 10.24inch
US 8.5 = FOOT LENGTH 10.44inch
US 9 = FOOT LENGTH 10.63inch
US 9.5 = FOOT LENGTH 10.83inch

Customer Service:
UUFLYME haved focused on Hikking and Outdoors.Our team control every part of the manufacturing process,In addition we pay attention to detail design also.
We provide diversified,high quality, and affordable product line that meets consumers' various lifestyle needs.Please contact us if there are any problems with your
product and we will do our best to assist you!

UUFLYME Outdoor Hiking Boots Mens Non Slip Lightweight Hiking Sh

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