$86 RICHELIEU White Polymer Round Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan 2-Shelf Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining RICHELIEU,Round,Corner,$86,White,Lazy,Polymer,2-Shelf,/Jeroboam1124149.html,Susan,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,rmx-graphics.com,Cabinet RICHELIEU White Polymer Round Corner Cabinet Lazy 2-Shelf Susan Now on sale $86 RICHELIEU White Polymer Round Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan 2-Shelf Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining RICHELIEU White Polymer Round Corner Cabinet Lazy 2-Shelf Susan Now on sale RICHELIEU,Round,Corner,$86,White,Lazy,Polymer,2-Shelf,/Jeroboam1124149.html,Susan,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,rmx-graphics.com,Cabinet

RICHELIEU White Polymer Discount is also underway Round Corner Cabinet Lazy 2-Shelf Susan Now on sale

RICHELIEU White Polymer Round Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan 2-Shelf


RICHELIEU White Polymer Round Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan 2-Shelf

Product description

Size:24 INCH

Richelieu White Polymer Round Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan 2-Shelf Kitchen Storage and Organizer. Lazy susans are revered as the best on the market. Whether you are replacing an old unit or just adding a lazy susans to your corner cabinet. You will not be disappointed with the high quality design and the durable rotating hardware that makes installation simple. Includes two 360° shelves, 1 post, and hardware. Interior Dimensions Required - Height: 22.52 In to 33 In.

RICHELIEU White Polymer Round Corner Cabinet Lazy Susan 2-Shelf

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