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Remxi Women Off The Shoulder Velvet Corset All items free Sale price shipping Jumpsuit Sleeve Long

Remxi Women Off The Shoulder Velvet Jumpsuit Long Sleeve Corset


Remxi Women Off The Shoulder Velvet Jumpsuit Long Sleeve Corset

Product description

Women Velvet Jumpsuits Elegant for Night Party Club Cocktail Sexy Off the Shoilder Long Sleeve Tight Slim Fit Lace Up Bodycon Long Pants Jumpsuit Romper Playsuit Clubwear

Size Chat S Bust: 29.1"; Waist: 25.2"; Hips: 37"; Length: 54.7"; Sleeve: 19.7"; M Bust: 30.7"; Waist: 26.8"; Hips: 38.6"; Length: 55.1"; Sleeve: 20.1"; L Bust: 32.3"; Waist: 28.3"; Hips: 40.2"; Length: 55.5"; Sleeve: 20.5"; XL Bust: 33.9"; Waist: 29.9"; Hips: 41.7"; Length: 55.9"; Sleeve: 20.9"; 2XL Bust: 35.4"; Waist: 31.5"; Hips: 43.3"; Length: 56.3"; Sleeve: 21.3";

Remxi Women Off The Shoulder Velvet Jumpsuit Long Sleeve Corset

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