$150,Sterling,in,Silver,G,KATARINA,(1/6,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,cttw,,Diamond,rmx-graphics.com,/alec1014022.html,Ring,Engagement $150 KATARINA Diamond Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver (1/6 cttw, G Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $150 KATARINA Diamond Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver (1/6 cttw, G Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women KATARINA Diamond Easy-to-use Engagement Ring in Sterling 6 Silver cttw G 1 KATARINA Diamond Easy-to-use Engagement Ring in Sterling 6 Silver cttw G 1 $150,Sterling,in,Silver,G,KATARINA,(1/6,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,cttw,,Diamond,rmx-graphics.com,/alec1014022.html,Ring,Engagement

KATARINA Diamond Easy-to-use Engagement Ring in Sterling 6 Silver cttw Dallas Mall G 1

KATARINA Diamond Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver (1/6 cttw, G


KATARINA Diamond Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver (1/6 cttw, G

Product description

This simple, yet elegant engagement ring will complement her timeless style. The round diamond is placed in a illusion setting, it will sparkle from every angle. The sterling silver band has a high polish finish to complete the traditional look of this engagement ring.

KATARINA Diamond Engagement Ring in Sterling Silver (1/6 cttw, G

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