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Red Hound Auto Full 3 Piece Vehicle Organizer System Center Cons


Red Hound Auto Full 3 Piece Vehicle Organizer System Center Cons

Product description

Color:Complete 3-Piece Set

The solution to organizational chaos: Individualize your system by organizing it YOUR way with Red Hound Auto's form fitting complete organization system, engineered to fit the shape and style of your specific vehicle. Organizers hold themselves tightly and securely in place with no annoying sliding or rattling. Shaped pockets have been designed to give you easy, clutter-free access to everything. This storage system eliminates digging through your bin to find what you need. Maximize your storage space and keep all your frequently used items neatly organized and within reach! Rugged nonabsorbent dense black foam is durable and stylish. Easy direct-fit no-nonsense installation: no tools or assembly required! Simple to remove and clean (water-resistant and top rack dishwasher safe). Made with pride and care in the USA: Our engineers and designers take precise interior measurements for an exact fit. Designed and manufactured at our state-of-the-art US facility with the most modern tools and machinery available. Compatible with Honda Accord 2008-2011. Complete deluxe set includes 1 center console organizer set (2-piece stackable upper and lower sections) and 1 glove box organizer.

Red Hound Auto Full 3 Piece Vehicle Organizer System Center Cons

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