Shower Pan Liner 40 mil x PVC 14' depot Grey 6' $88 Shower Pan Liner 40 mil PVC Grey 6' x 14' Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures Shower Pan Liner 40 mil x PVC 14' depot Grey 6' PVC,40,x,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,Shower,14',$88,Liner,Pan,6',/alec1343622.html,,Grey,mil PVC,40,x,Tools Home Improvement , Kitchen Bath Fixtures,Shower,14',$88,Liner,Pan,6',/alec1343622.html,,Grey,mil $88 Shower Pan Liner 40 mil PVC Grey 6' x 14' Tools Home Improvement Kitchen Bath Fixtures

Shower Pan Liner 40 mil x PVC 14' Sale special price depot Grey 6'

Shower Pan Liner 40 mil PVC Grey 6' x 14'


Shower Pan Liner 40 mil PVC Grey 6' x 14'

Product description

PermaGard PVC Shower Pan Liner 6ft by Dallas Specialty is distinctive 40 mil PVC grey with bold markings. Continuously marked on the roll and lined every 6 inches to assist in cutting. PermaGard PVC Pan Liner will not rust, rot or decay under normal and recommended conditions for the life of the installation. PermaGard PVC Shower Pan Liner 6ft is not recommended for continuous exposure to the sun environment. No underlayment required with using PermaGard PVC Pan Liner. Meets FHA and HUD requirements for shower pans and ASTM D-4551 Requirements

Shower Pan Liner 40 mil PVC Grey 6' x 14'

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