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South Dakota Notary Seal Embosser Bundle with Round Self Inking


South Dakota Notary Seal Embosser Bundle with Round Self Inking

Product description

Notarize in Ink and Raised Images
Bundle a notary seal stamp and embosser to create custom inked and raised seal impressions on forms, invoices, certificates, and more! Generate classic embossed seals and immediately reproducible images ready to be faxed or scanned.

Get the Power of Repetition
Self-inking models are ideal for high-use situations thanks to an internal mechanism which makes them always ready for your next stamp. The R-542 is constructed from tough, heavy-duty plastic. This makes a long-lasting stamp providing years of consistent impressions. A custom notary seal adhering to your state's demands is filled with custom information entered through Amazon and cast onto a real rubber die. Extend the stamp's life even further and replace the built-in ink pad for 1000s more impressions.

Make Embossing Easy
A Shiny brand seal requires minimal effort when compared to other pocket and handheld competitors. Apply a third of the pressure you normally would with your hand while actually increasing the strength of what the seal registers on the document. It can be hard generating enough pressure to clamp down and create that perfect, raised impression. A premium embosser generates crisp, consistent impressions of your notary public seal everytime.

South Dakota Notary Seal Embosser Bundle with Round Self Inking


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