$26 Ajusen Self-adhesive Silicone Breast Forms Crossdresser Attachab Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $26 Ajusen Self-adhesive Silicone Breast Forms Crossdresser Attachab Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Ajusen Self-adhesive Silicone Breast Crossdresser New Shipping Free Shipping Attachab Forms Forms,$26,rmx-graphics.com,Attachab,/carp808946.html,Crossdresser,Ajusen,Self-adhesive,Silicone,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Breast Forms,$26,rmx-graphics.com,Attachab,/carp808946.html,Crossdresser,Ajusen,Self-adhesive,Silicone,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Breast Ajusen Self-adhesive Silicone Breast Crossdresser New Shipping Free Shipping Attachab Forms

Ajusen Self-adhesive Silicone Breast Crossdresser Raleigh Mall New Shipping Free Attachab Forms

Ajusen Self-adhesive Silicone Breast Forms Crossdresser Attachab


Ajusen Self-adhesive Silicone Breast Forms Crossdresser Attachab

Product description

Product Description:
we strive to protect our customers' privacy .you can purchase with confidence.
Product Color : Same as the pictures
Product Material:100% Medical- Grade Silicone
Note :
We offer full-size silicone breast forms, we found that some of breast forms were returned because the size is not suitable for themselves.To avoid this,please think clearly before purchasing
Clean it with mild soap and dry it with towel gently every day.Stay away from things with sharp points,such as scissors,needles, etc. Put it in boxes or bags when not used. Avoid direct sunshine.
The real color of the product may be have a little deviation from the pictures shown on the website caused by many factors such as the brightness of the computer screen or the lighting levels
Please read our product instructions carefully before using it, please do not tear the product.

Ajusen Self-adhesive Silicone Breast Forms Crossdresser Attachab

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To help offset environmentally impactful practice linked to the building industry, waste material projects and technologies, like upcycling, are being implemented to return used materials into products with commercial value.

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