ABS Plastic Latest item Interior Door Decoration Panel Car Access Cover Trim $57 ABS Plastic Interior Door Decoration Panel Cover Trim Car Access Automotive Replacement Parts ABS Plastic Latest item Interior Door Decoration Panel Car Access Cover Trim $57 ABS Plastic Interior Door Decoration Panel Cover Trim Car Access Automotive Replacement Parts Panel,rmx-graphics.com,Interior,Door,ABS,Trim,Access,Decoration,Cover,Plastic,Car,$57,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/chavicine1162571.html Panel,rmx-graphics.com,Interior,Door,ABS,Trim,Access,Decoration,Cover,Plastic,Car,$57,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/chavicine1162571.html

ABS Plastic Latest item Free shipping Interior Door Decoration Panel Car Access Cover Trim

ABS Plastic Interior Door Decoration Panel Cover Trim Car Access


ABS Plastic Interior Door Decoration Panel Cover Trim Car Access

Product description

ABS Plastic Interior Door Decoration Panel Cover Trim Car Accessories Matte Silver for Land Cruiser Prado FJ150 2010-2018
Material: ABS Plastic
Vehicle Specific: for Toyota Land Cruiser Prado FJ150 2010-2018
Color: Matte Silver
Enhances both style and performance
Designed exclusively for car Sedan/SUV
Manufactured using premium-grade materials
Direct fit - easy to install
Easy to instal, following the instruction you can install them in seconds.
Installation method:
1)Clean the surface, keep dry and clean.
2)Paste and install.(there were auto adhesive glue in the trim back)
3) Please press hard especially on the edges at least 2 mins after installing.
4) Using hair dryer(hot air blowing) in cold weather.
5) Please keep away from water and keep dry after been installed within 72 hours/3 days.

ABS Plastic Interior Door Decoration Panel Cover Trim Car Access

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