$27 Women's Pure Cashmere Scarf Pashmina Autumn Winter High-End Luxu Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $27 Women's Pure Cashmere Scarf Pashmina Autumn Winter High-End Luxu Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Cashmere,Pashmina,Winter,Luxu,Women's,Scarf,$27,/cockneyfy808919.html,Autumn,Pure,rmx-graphics.com,High-End,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women Women's Pure Cashmere Scarf Pashmina Luxu High-End Autumn Cheap mail order specialty store Winter Women's Pure Cashmere Scarf Pashmina Luxu High-End Autumn Cheap mail order specialty store Winter Cashmere,Pashmina,Winter,Luxu,Women's,Scarf,$27,/cockneyfy808919.html,Autumn,Pure,rmx-graphics.com,High-End,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women

Women's Pure Cashmere Limited Special Price Scarf Pashmina Luxu High-End Autumn Cheap mail order specialty store Winter

Women's Pure Cashmere Scarf Pashmina Autumn Winter High-End Luxu


Women's Pure Cashmere Scarf Pashmina Autumn Winter High-End Luxu

Product description

FINCATI Cashmere lines are known for their first class quality, superior craftsmanship and evolving designs. Each of our luxurious cashmere products is knitted from the finniest Inner Mongolian cashmere, ultra soft and cozy for every stylish individual.

With more than 15 years of experience in cashmere industry, we are committed to provide the finest cashmere to our customers. We work directly with the world’s largest cashmere traders and producers to make sure the cashmere we use are not mixed with any lower end cashmere fibers, thus increasing the softness and anti-pilling performance of our knitwears.

Headquartered in Shanghai City, Cashmere strives to provide a fresh look on cashmere and knitwear, creating styles that are both functional and on trend. The brand's style incorporates a classic but unique use of color, texture and novel details creating styles that are coveted in your closet for years.

Size: Width Up-29.9'' Down-37.0'' ----Length 26.8''

Washing instructions

1. We recommend dry-clean. Hand wash and machine wash are both available but never rub it vigorously.

2. Washing temperature should be less than 40 degrees centigrade.

3. Separate dark color fabrics from light ones.

4. Soaking time should not last long.

5. Don't exposure too much in the sun.

6. For best effect, we advise to iron the clothes well-pressed after washing.

Women's Pure Cashmere Scarf Pashmina Autumn Winter High-End Luxu

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