Storage Cabinets 5-Tire Rolling Cart Organizer OFFicial store Unit Wheels with Storage,5-Tire,,$44,with,Wheels,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Unit,Rolling,Organizer,/cotwist1124534.html,Cart,Cabinets $44 Storage Cabinets 5-Tire Rolling Cart Organizer Unit with Wheels Home Kitchen Storage Organization $44 Storage Cabinets 5-Tire Rolling Cart Organizer Unit with Wheels Home Kitchen Storage Organization Storage,5-Tire,,$44,with,Wheels,Home Kitchen , Storage Organization,Unit,Rolling,Organizer,/cotwist1124534.html,Cart,Cabinets Storage Cabinets 5-Tire Rolling Cart Organizer OFFicial store Unit Wheels with

Storage Cabinets 5-Tire Rolling Cart Organizer OFFicial store Unit Wheels Max 84% OFF with

Storage Cabinets 5-Tire Rolling Cart Organizer Unit with Wheels


Storage Cabinets 5-Tire Rolling Cart Organizer Unit with Wheels

Product description


Rolling storage unit with drawers is perfect for tucking away those messy displays and give you some extra space for your home at the same time. Fully take advantage of corners of room and keep all items dust-free and organized

1. Made of thick environmentally friendly PP plastic, durable and practical, smooth finish, dust-proof and waterproof, easy to clean
2. Ideal storage for home, kitchen, crafts, bathroom storage or art studios, also used as closed laundry utility cart or vertical dresser storage tower
3. Design for space-saving
4. Movable multi-purpose organizer
5. The slide out cabinet organizer is narrow but deep. It is also a bathroom free standing storage cabinet

1. Weight Capacity Per Shelf: 30lb / 13.61kg
2. Product Dimensions: (7.5 x 16.6 x 35.83) / (19.05 x 42.16 x 91.01)cm (L x W x H)
3. Materials: PP
Package Includes:

1 x Cabinet

Storage Cabinets 5-Tire Rolling Cart Organizer Unit with Wheels

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