Rubber-Cal"Dura-Chef Interlock" Anti-Fatigue All items free shipping Mats - x 8-inch 3 5 Rubber-Cal"Dura-Chef Interlock" Anti-Fatigue All items free shipping Mats - x 8-inch 3 5 $35 Rubber-Cal"Dura-Chef Interlock" Anti-Fatigue Mats - 5/8-inch x 3 Industrial Scientific Janitorial Sanitation Supplies Rubber-Cal"Dura-Chef,Interlock",x,Anti-Fatigue,Industrial Scientific , Janitorial Sanitation Supplies,$35,5/8-inch,/exchangeably1343382.html,3,,-,Mats $35 Rubber-Cal"Dura-Chef Interlock" Anti-Fatigue Mats - 5/8-inch x 3 Industrial Scientific Janitorial Sanitation Supplies Rubber-Cal"Dura-Chef,Interlock",x,Anti-Fatigue,Industrial Scientific , Janitorial Sanitation Supplies,$35,5/8-inch,/exchangeably1343382.html,3,,-,Mats


Rubber-Cal"Dura-Chef Interlock" Anti-Fatigue Mats - 5/8-inch x 3


Rubber-Cal"Dura-Chef Interlock" Anti-Fatigue Mats - 5/8-inch x 3

Product description

Package Quantity:1

Rubber-Cal"Dura-Chef Interlock" Anti-Fatigue Mats - 5/8-inch x 3

Carnegie Mellon University

DARPA robust continuous speaker-independent speech recognition interface research Sphinx CMU SCS dictionary consortium wearable portable Informedia LISTEN JANUS Pangloss Interact DIPLOMAT TONGUES USI Communicator LARRI
Software | Groups and Projects | People | Papers | Resources | Other CMU | Other Resources

Welcome to the Speech at CMU Web Page. Carnegie Mellon University is dedicated to speech technology research, development, and deployment, and we hope this page will be a vehicle to make our work available online. CMU has a historic position in computational speech research, and continues to test the limits of the art.

Open Source Speech Software from Carnegie Mellon University

Speech and Language projects and groups at Carnegie Mellon University

  • Speech Seminar Series future and recent talks on speech research.
  • SPHINX Group
  • The Language Technologies Institute (LTI). (Formerly the Center for Machine Translation, CMT).

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    • DIPLOMAT, Rapid-deployment speech to speech machine translation. DIPLOMAT has evolved into the TONGUES project; see the web page for details.
    • KANT Machine Translation Project (Knowledge-based, Accurate Translation for technical documentation)
    • Lycos WWW Search Engine
    • PANGLOSS multi-engine Spanish-to-English machine translation system
  • Interactive Systems Laboratories (ISL).
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