StainlessSteel Exhaust Front Denver Mall Pipe fits: aut 2003-2009 Ford Focus $56 StainlessSteel Exhaust Front Pipe fits: 2003-2009 Ford Focus aut Automotive Replacement Parts StainlessSteel Exhaust Front Denver Mall Pipe fits: aut 2003-2009 Ford Focus Front,Exhaust,Ford,fits:,2003-2009,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/flange1162703.html,$56,aut,Focus,Pipe,StainlessSteel, Front,Exhaust,Ford,fits:,2003-2009,Automotive , Replacement Parts,/flange1162703.html,$56,aut,Focus,Pipe,StainlessSteel, $56 StainlessSteel Exhaust Front Pipe fits: 2003-2009 Ford Focus aut Automotive Replacement Parts

StainlessSteel Exhaust Front Denver Mall Pipe Regular dealer fits: aut 2003-2009 Ford Focus

StainlessSteel Exhaust Front Pipe fits: 2003-2009 Ford Focus aut


StainlessSteel Exhaust Front Pipe fits: 2003-2009 Ford Focus aut

Product description

This listing is for:
One (1) Front Flex Pipe
Free Gaskets Included

Please Note: Automatic Transmission Only

Northeastern Exhaust Features:
Horsepower gains with our non wrinkled pipes for better, non restrictive exhaust flow.
409 stainless steel for longer durability compared to regular aluminized steel exhaust systems.

All items listed are 100% Brand New and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty against defects! The warranty does not cover shipping, labor or any other related charges.

StainlessSteel Exhaust Front Pipe fits: 2003-2009 Ford Focus aut

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