$35 AKEfit Patio Furniture Set Cover,Heavy Duty Waterproof Outdoor S Patio, Lawn Garden Patio Furniture Accessories Patio,Outdoor,S,Waterproof,AKEfit,Furniture,Duty,Cover,Heavy,Patio, Lawn Garden , Patio Furniture Accessories,/inorganical1124110.html,rmx-graphics.com,Set,$35 AKEfit Patio Furniture Set Cover Outdoor Seattle Mall Duty Heavy S Waterproof AKEfit Patio Furniture Set Cover Outdoor Seattle Mall Duty Heavy S Waterproof Patio,Outdoor,S,Waterproof,AKEfit,Furniture,Duty,Cover,Heavy,Patio, Lawn Garden , Patio Furniture Accessories,/inorganical1124110.html,rmx-graphics.com,Set,$35 $35 AKEfit Patio Furniture Set Cover,Heavy Duty Waterproof Outdoor S Patio, Lawn Garden Patio Furniture Accessories

AKEfit Patio Furniture Set Cover Outdoor Seattle Mall Duty Heavy S Waterproof Special price

AKEfit Patio Furniture Set Cover,Heavy Duty Waterproof Outdoor S


AKEfit Patio Furniture Set Cover,Heavy Duty Waterproof Outdoor S

Product description

Outdoor Furniture Covers, Patio Garden Wicker Sofa Couch Cover, Water Resistant and UV-protection, Widely used over a patio, garden, swimming pool, deck, courtyard, backyard, park, car park or other outdoor areas.

Dimension: 126”L X 64”W X 29”H
Color: Grey
Material: 420D Oxford Fabric
Inside: Seal Waterproof Strip
Waterproof/Windproof: Yes
UV Protection:Yes
All-Season Protection:Yes

Thickening Drawstring
The thickened drawstring has stronger toughness and better elasticity, which can ensure that the bottom of the home cover is tighter and will not be easily blown away, also effectively preventing dust from entering.

Windproof Buckles Design
Beside drawing rope, our patio furniture set covers also adds buckles, so that the garden furniture cover can be easily fixed. Keep the cover steady and in no risk of moving.

Handles Display
The table cover is convenient for two people to put away together at the same time, which is convenient and simple to use. Is a very good helper.

Air Vent
Air vent keep the air flowing smoothly.The vent of the table cover is conducive to air circulation.The air is ventilated to eliminate odors.

Package Includes:
1 X Heavy Duty Patio Furniture Set Cover
1 X Storage Bag

❶.If it is very windy, such as typhoon or hurricane, it is recommended that put some heavy objects on the home cover to better protect your furniture.
❷.As the furniture does not flat, the low points of cover will collect water and debris, We suggest you put some things to prop up the furniture cover so that the water and debris can be flow down through the line. To extend the life of the patio furniture covers.

AKEfit Patio Furniture Set Cover,Heavy Duty Waterproof Outdoor S

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