$35 Shars 0-8" Precision Stainless Steel Shock Proof Dial Caliper .0 Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect Shars 0-8" Precision Stainless Steel Caliper Shock Finally resale start Dial Proof .0 .0,Caliper,0-8",Shars,rmx-graphics.com,Stainless,Steel,Dial,/machiner949790.html,Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,Precision,Proof,$35,Shock .0,Caliper,0-8",Shars,rmx-graphics.com,Stainless,Steel,Dial,/machiner949790.html,Industrial Scientific , Test, Measure Inspect,Precision,Proof,$35,Shock $35 Shars 0-8" Precision Stainless Steel Shock Proof Dial Caliper .0 Industrial Scientific Test, Measure Inspect Shars 0-8" Precision Stainless Steel Caliper Shock Finally resale start Dial Proof .0

Shars 0-8

Shars 0-8" Precision Stainless Steel Shock Proof Dial Caliper .0


Shars 0-8" Precision Stainless Steel Shock Proof Dial Caliper .0

Product Description


6" Dial Caliper .001"

  • PART# 303-1305B
  • JAW DEPTH: 1-9/16"
  • FACE COLOR: Black
  • MATERIAL: Stainless Steel; JAW MATERIAL: Stainless Steel

303-1305B DEMO

303-1307B DEMO

303-1309B DEMO

1 1 1 1 1 1
0-6" Stainless Steel Shockproof Dial Caliper Premium Series 6"/150mm Electronic Large LCD Digital Caliper 6" Stainless Steel Shock-Proof Dial Caliper 6" Shock Proof Precision Fractional Dial Caliper 1/64 or 0.01" Stainless 6" Premium Electronic Digital Caliper with Carbide Tipped Jaws 12"/300mm Precision Heavy Duty Vernier 4 Way Caliper
Order No. 303-1315 303-1300 303-1326 303-1325 303-1534 303-1051
Face Color White - White White amp; Yellow - -
1 1
Centerline Gage Attachment for 4, 6, 8" Caliper Caliper Accessory Kit
Order No. 303-1023 303-1022

Shars 0-8" Precision Stainless Steel Shock Proof Dial Caliper .0

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