Helmet,Pfanner,Protos,/morphinomania1162797.html,$217,Integral,Arborist,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,rmx-graphics.com,-,Olive Helmet,Pfanner,Protos,/morphinomania1162797.html,$217,Integral,Arborist,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,rmx-graphics.com,-,Olive $217 Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet - Olive Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation $217 Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet - Olive Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Pfanner Max 42% OFF Protos Integral Arborist - Helmet Olive Pfanner Max 42% OFF Protos Integral Arborist - Helmet Olive

Pfanner Max 42% OFF Protos Safety and trust Integral Arborist - Helmet Olive

Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet - Olive


Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet - Olive

Product description

The Protos arborist helmet from Pfanner is the most advanced helmet system available on the market, offering the best energy absorption, lightest weight, and unprecedented breath-ability. The side impact protection sets it apart from its competitors and makes it arguably the safest climbing helmet ever brought to market.Integrated hearing protection with low-profile design (no prominent parts to get caught on branches). "Swept back" design of the helmet allows for optimal field of view The adjustable pressure fitting of the hearing protectors allows for a perfect fit. Even weight distribution design and the adjustable neck piece allow for a perfect, secure and comfortable fit, even without the chin strap. Adjustable vent flow on helmet (vents can be opened or closed) allows for use in wet, hot or cold work conditions. Discrete channel for the chin strap was designed to prevent the chin strap from slipping under the ear protector. Extraordinary wicking of perspiration via large and exchangeable pads with Klima-AIR technology. All functions of the helmet (hearing protection, face shield, helmet adjustment, and helmet vents) can be activated with just two fingers... making operation of the helmet easy. One of the only arborist helmets offering side and rear impact protection. Designed over a 15 year period with two things in mind: total head protection and working arborists. Includes chinstrap for work aloft. Certified to EN397 and EN 12492.

Pfanner Protos Integral Arborist Helmet - Olive

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Minx + Muse

Minx + Muse is a fiercely feminine playhouse that cultivates self-discovery and empowerment through esoerotic