$35 1,000 Metallic 2” Gold Square Scratch-Off Lottery Stickers for G Office Products Office School Supplies $35 1,000 Metallic 2” Gold Square Scratch-Off Lottery Stickers for G Office Products Office School Supplies Selling rankings 1 000 Metallic 2” Gold Square G for Scratch-Off Stickers Lottery Gold,Lottery,1,000,Metallic,rmx-graphics.com,2”,G,Scratch-Off,$35,for,Square,/noninstructress809031.html,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Stickers Gold,Lottery,1,000,Metallic,rmx-graphics.com,2”,G,Scratch-Off,$35,for,Square,/noninstructress809031.html,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Stickers Selling rankings 1 000 Metallic 2” Gold Square G for Scratch-Off Stickers Lottery

Selling rankings 1 000 Metallic 2” Gold Square G Popular brand in the world for Scratch-Off Stickers Lottery

1,000 Metallic 2” Gold Square Scratch-Off Lottery Stickers for G


1,000 Metallic 2” Gold Square Scratch-Off Lottery Stickers for G

Product Description

Get a set of gold square scratch off stickers from My Scratch Offs today!

It can be difficult to plan a party or promotional event that people of all ages will enjoy. To make your party planning a breeze, we created high-quality scratch off stickers that both grandparents and toddlers will love! These scratch offs are sure to bring a smile to the face of each guest at your next gender reveal, company promo event, or wedding reception. Each order comes with gold stickers that are 2” x 2". Unlike ordinary raffle-like games, this fun scratch-off activity accessory does not require your guests to sit down and be quiet, interrupting the flow of the event. To make your personalized scratch-off cards, simply place the stickers over the design, phrase, or number that you want to be revealed during the scratch-off activity. Hand out the item that the sticker is on and give your guests something to use as a scratcher tool. When the time comes, have everyone scratch off the gold film that is covering the phrase. Once the hidden item has been revealed, there will be at least 1 lucky winner. You can use these stickers to help with a giveaway activity to present the winners with prizes, information, or company swag. Our stickers are a classic gold metallic color. Scratch-offs are a fun way to get everyone involved and can easily be scratched with a penny. Get creative with your prize options to give guests an activity they will remember.

Please allow 48 hours for the label to fully cure before scratching.

1,000 Metallic 2” Gold Square Scratch-Off Lottery Stickers for G

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